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A late start

A bit of a late start to documenting my journey in iPhone coding.  Most of my time lately has been spent thinking about what to do next on my app.

Currently I have an app with big buttons with colours which, when pressed say the colour out loud.  I’ve added on a different screen do do a similar thing with numbers, but I’m toying with the idea of making this into a game also.  A game of ‘I say a number and you press it’ or ‘I say a number and you choose two or however many to make that amount…’.  Watch this space..

I’ll be posting my frustrations here and some code snippets which may help beginners as I haven’t had a lot of luck finding documentation for a few things so far.

The best tip I can give so far is to get yourself acquainted with the Apple documentation which (i think) comes bundled with Xcode.  Also, get yourself an idea and build on it.