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Nearing ‘phase 1′ completion!

I say phase 1.. There aren’t any phases.  I’ve planned to try to publish it with basic functionality after I sort out all of the design.

Tonight I finished off the sounds on 3 screens: Animals, Numbers and Colours.  They are all looking pretty much how I want them to and all work good.

I designed the ‘menu’ screen, where you will select which part of the app you want to see.  It looks pretty cracking.  Just have to code it now.  I started to code it but there was some funny business going on and I suspect its due to my tiredness.  So I undone all of my changes that I did after finishing the functionality and saved it for the night.

What did I learn tonight?

  • ALWAYS RELINK YOUR METHODS after making changes.
  • Saying eight has a surprisingly long pause after the ‘eh’ and before the ‘T’. This sounds funny when you play it a few times in quick succession and ends up wits a ‘TTT’ sound.
  • NSInt isnt the same as NSInteger and doesnt appear to be supported in Xcode as I would have liked it to be…
  • Sometimes 3 separate methods might be better than a case statement; more on this as it comes in.

Not a lot of coding done tonight.  Mostly design.  Some coding chat next time.