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IBOutlet – I forgot about you!

Mostly just messing around tonight. I decided to try to build a game on the numbers part of my app which will suggest a number to press then tell you if you were correct or not. I think I need to plan more and think about it. Clearly jumping into Xcode with this doesn’t work.

Clearly also, I am having some teething problems with the actual fundamentals of Objective C because I completely forgot to declare my outlets (IBOutlets) which made for a good few minutes of thinking my code was wrong. It wasn’t wrong, just wasn’t complete.

So next time I get round to coding/spending time on this, I’m going to record all the sounds for the numbers and the animals and get all that part working, then tidy up the overall design of the iPhone app.

I will probably redesign for iPad also once I finish getting the sounds code all working, which should only take one or two more coding sessions (which will be mostly recording and sound editing).

Should be submitting to the App Store before long!